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Siya Residence

The attempt was to arrive at a possible architectural type of revamping an existing building through a solution that required minimum demolition while transforming it into a flamboyant city house. We have worked towards designing a space where they could experience the beauty of the plot which is looking out towards a picturesque-framed natural view. Size: The south side with high heat gain also being the side with beautiful lush landscape views was opened up, with an extension of louvered pivot frame-screen. This screen provides an image of the house to the city and a pixelated image of the city to the house. A versatile space has been created to serve both as a functional work area and a welcoming gathering spot for the family, offering flexibility for different needs and occasions. Features: Structural interventions included the use of steel frames to strengthen the existing slab at first-floor level. The louvered screen functions like a seamless frame for the purpose of privacy, aesthetics and functionality.



Siyad & Family



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Experiencing architecture strengthens one’s sense of being in the world, as it engages multiple human senses, and essentially becomes an extended experience of the self. Perceiving architecture with more than mere vision allows a deeper sense of connection with the built space, and good design must strive to provide this experience to the visitor. For this residence, it was key that the planning cleared away all the concerns of the client so that he could experience the best what was provided.


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