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Pronoye Residence



Jaleel & F



Completion Year

Trivandrum, India


This 2800 sqft home strikes a delightful harmony between contemporary and refined living spaces, catering to the needs of today’s families by seamlessly combining practical design with aesthetic allure and integrating state-of-the-art amenities. Contemporary residences aim to offer an optimal living environment for nuclear families, evolving them to adopt a chic way of life. A budget-friendly approach is given to this home incorporating a modern contemporary style with a good living environment. Location: The site is situated amidst the city surrounded by residential areas having easy access to all amenities. The client had a well defined vision of the spaces he desired and wanted a budget friendly home, which was duly incorporated while designing.  The house is surrounded around external courtyards whose prolific green foliage is bathed with natural light from the overhead skylight feature. This miniature green strip through the central grid provides the emotive focus, visually connecting the dining space.


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