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Harmonizing Modern Design with Indian Mythology: The Essence of Urban Living


DS Residence is a captivating architectural marvel that beautifully intertwines creative design and comfortable living. Situated on a modest 30’ x 40’ plot in the bustling heart of North Bengaluru, this residence is a testament to the seamless blend of modernism and traditional Indian elements.

Design Philosophy

The design philosophy of DS Residence revolves around the celebration of lush indoor greenery while optimizing every inch of its compact space. As you approach the façade, you are welcomed by an extraordinary fusion of contemporary sophistication and classic charm. Thoughtfully integrated green spaces soften the exterior and foster a natural flow, enhancing the building’s aesthetic appeal.

Interior Design:

The magic truly unfolds as you step inside the exquisite interiors. Each room is a maximalist tribute to traditional Indian architecture. Despite the home’s modest size, ingenious visual connectivity across floors creates an illusion of expansiveness. The layout artfully blends modern practicality with Indian architectural ideas, resulting in a flowing, connected atmosphere.

Living Room:

Upon entering the living room, you are enveloped in a warm and inviting ambiance. Classic elements strategically placed throughout the room enhance this feeling. The teak wood and wicker seating set, paired with an aged carpet, exude a vintage charm. Stained glass lights bathe the space in vivid colors, casting captivating patterns on the walls. Beyond the living room, a traditional swing beneath the open sky leads to a tranquil garden. A skylight bathes the room in natural light, adding to its serene beauty.

Dining Area:

The dining area’s centerpiece is a grand eight-seater table, where family gatherings and mealtime events come alive. The table’s base is a true masterwork, with intricately carved legs depicting various aspects of Indian mythology and heritage. The glass top offers a unique perspective, allowing guests to admire the captivating artwork below while savoring their meals. Matching chairs with elaborate handles adorned with exquisite horse motifs contribute to the room’s cohesive theme.


Tucked away in a corner, a courtyard opens to the sky, offering glimpses of the surrounding area through a side window. The floor is covered in stepping stones and pebbles, inviting exploration through touch and adding a rustic charm. A backdrop wall, adorned with repurposed wooden doors and windows, creates a stunning juxtaposition of modernity and heritage. A magnificent repurposed wooden column anchors one corner, exuding timeless elegance and beckoning visitors to savor its allure.


The centerpiece of the home is a winding staircase that serves as both a functional element and an architectural showpiece. Starting as a bold blue metal divider on the ground floor, the railing transforms into a vibrant showstopper on the upper levels, adorned with ornately decorated rails brimming with charm and character. By combining wood and granite, the staircase creates a captivating contrast between warmth and rawness, enticing residents and visitors alike to ascend its steps. The mosaic tiles covering the risers add a touch of classic elegance to the stairwell.

Against the backdrop of a raw brick wall, the colorful railing creates an enchanting contrast, evoking a sense of whimsy and curiosity, beckoning users to ascend and discover the secrets that lie beyond. As the staircase ascends, it not only connects different levels of the house but also serves as a visual journey through artistry and innovation, leaving a lasting impression on all who traverse its path.


DS Residence places a strong emphasis on sustainability by incorporating green spaces within its structure. Beyond enhancing its visual appeal, these green elements contribute to a healthier living environment, reflecting the thoughtful planning and design choices aimed at optimizing energy efficiency.


This remarkable residence stands as a testament to the successful fusion of maximalist and traditional Indian architecture on a modest 30’x40’ site. It epitomizes a harmonious coexistence of the past and present, offering its occupants a culturally rich and contemporarily vibrant living space that is both inspiring and inviting.


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